Hello, I'm Martijn

Self-taught front-end &

back-end web developer

from the Netherlands

Martijn in Seoul


van den Bosch

About me

I'm Martijn and I develop sites and apps using web technologies.

When I'm not working on web projects, you can find me playing Pokemon go, messing around with some Raspberry Pi's, listening to K-Pop or exploring the world with my lovely wife, Viktória.

Even though I'm able to use multiple front- and backend languages and techniques, I'm always ready to learn more!

  1. Oktober 4, 1987
  2. Sint-Michielsgestel, The Netherlands

My skills

All the skills that I have aquired over the years are self-taught. Motivated by my desire to be able to create websites and webapps. I like building everything from scratch, which takes a lot of time, but it helps me grow as a webdeveloper.

My projects

My timeline